Windows And Doors Installation

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So, as I was browsing around the internet, I found this cool video of this guy with a mustache installing a door and a window.

If you were looking at doing this kind of project on your own, you might want to watch this video.

Now, we all know that window and door replacements are very important. They save you energy, lower your gas bill, and make your home more appealing. Some arguments go as far as raising the value of your home.

While all of this is quite possible, you need to make sure that you are doing the installation right. If you do not know what you are doing, I would advice you get a professional contractor to do it.

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What To Inspect When Buying A Home

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Owning a home is a dream for many people but before making any deal or commitment with a realtor and signing on the dotted line, you need to inspect the home. The home inspections are known to involve several issues and considerations therefore it is wise to hire a home inspection expert.

Professionals are well trained, skilled and experienced therefore they will inspect your home for common and dangerous hazards. Without an inspector’s safety recommendation, it is wise not to move in or make any purchase.

home inspection

Below is what to inspect when buying a home.


The basement

When inspecting the basement, it is important to check for moisture problems. When walking into the basement and you smell dampness or musty odor, then it should indicate that the basement has moisture problems.

Check for water leaking signs around the foundation, evidence of rotting wood in exposed beams and cracks in the interior walls of the basement. It is important to inspect plumbing for any leakage.


Electrical fittings

The first place to start when inspecting electrical systems is the fuse box or the main breaker box. The box is usually easy to access and at first glance, it should be in good condition. Next, you need to note the number of electrical outlets to ensure the home has enough.

Next, you need to inspect the kitchen and bathroom outlets for ground fault circuit interrupters as they help to prevent severe shocks.


Plumbing system

Plumbing systems are highly important in a home and problems with it can lead to leaking and flooding in different rooms. Start with the kitchen plumbing and then proceed to the bathroom checking for any leaks, water stains, sagging floors and mildew.

You need to turn every faucet in order to access the water pressure as well as checking for any leaks. Finally check the toilet system pressure for any leaks present.


The floors, ceiling and walls

Start by inspecting the ceilings, the walls and the floors in order to find evidence for any leaks or water damage. Check the drywall for any damage and cracks in the walls and ceiling too. Cracks could indicate structural damage to the home. You need to walk all over the floors therefore inspecting for any spongy or weak areas. Using a small ball, check if the floor is at an angle.


Windows and doors

To inspect the windows and the doors, start by opening and closing them so as to determine if they are opening and closing smoothly. Check for evidence of mildew and moisture around the windows plus presence of fog on windows indicates a broken seal.



Th chimney is connected to the fireplace and comes in handy during the cold months of winter. It is important to inspect both areas carefully. Start by inspecting the mortar and ensure that it is not crumbling or coming loose. If the chimney does not have a rain cap, you need to note that. Check for smoke and creosote staining on the exterior of the chimney.


The garage

When inspecting the garage, you need to examine both the interior and exterior. In the interior, check the floor to ensure that it is not stained or cracked. Inspect the garage sides to make sure that it is in very good condition. Proceed to inspect the garage door and while doing so, open and close the door to know if it’s working well.


Make sure that the drainage outside the garage especially around the foundation is working as intended. A good drainage is one where it slopes away from the home foundation.


Remember that to detect all problems and ensure home inspections are done thoroughly, hire a professional.

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