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5 Biggest Home Inspection Mistakes

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Most new home owners tend to make many mistakes during acquisition of new properties leading to them getting substandard and unfitting homes as they watch their hard earned money or life savings go down the drain. So before putting pen to paper, make sure you have not fallen prey to any of the following mistakes.

1. Lack of inspection

People fail to inspect new constructions on the rogue assumption that they are in perfect condition on virtue of passing all local codes of construction. The mere fact that the property is new does not exempt it from full inspection. New houses could have just as many shortcomings as old ones and inspections enables identify these flaws and seek their correction.

2. Cheap or substandard inspectors

5-diy-mistakes-1As the entire home buying process is a costly endeavour, people tend to try and cut costs by going for cheap and substandard inspectors that do little more than a routine check and identify only the undeniable flaws, leaving other several underlying issues unattended to. It is also not advisable to take up the first inspector recommended to you without interviewing others and checking out their credentials to ascertain they are qualified professionals that are both competent and thorough. So, make sure you inspect them windows Winnipeg on time!

It is also advisable to seek the opinion of a structural engineer to supplement the findings of the inspector and give a clearer picture. Always keep in mind that cheap is expensive.

3. Absence during inspection

Putting too much faith in a hired individual that you fail to show up for the inspection itself is a big mistake. Inspectors may not see every mistake or view the situation from your point of view and this could lead to buying of a substandard property on mere hearsay. It is always recommended to be present at the inspection physically and go through every inch of the home with a fine comb to spot all its drawbacks as to better evaluate your options.

4. Failure to be inquisitive

remodeling-mistakes-newbies-make-250x150Contrary to popular assumption that asking questions is a waste of time or a bother to the other party, it is always recommended to seek clarity on any and all issues discussed that you do not understand. Investing in a second opinion is also highly encouraged especially if the professional terms being used don’t register with you.

5. Lack of follow up

Being content with the first inspection and its findings is a common mistake made by most. As the process is time consuming and rather costly, people get satisfied on the first try and give up. They fail to follow up the recommendations of the inspectors and engineers they went to great lengths to hire. This leads to getting homes with common problems like faulty wiring, roofing defects, plumbing issues, drainage issues and maintenance issues. It is also advisable to evaluate a property on futuristic value and determine how long it is bound to last before it starts falling apart. Remember, a home is a long term investment, ensure it can last long enough.

At the end of the day, don’t invest your money in anything that does not give you at least 95% assurance and satisfaction.

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